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Authentic Dialogues

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Why Authentic Dialogues?

The Dialogues are my oldest training method. Drawing on my eighteen years of experience, I have been exploring how closely our ability to focus and listen is linked with the skill to make a presentation to the public. Working as a mentor and a coach, for eighteen years I have been helping hundreds of clients to develop presentational skills, either in the form of training sessions or personal coaching. In the Authentic Dialogues training I combine coaching methods with theatrical techniques and art therapy exercises.

Why is it useful to train our attention, concentration and self-awareness? The way we use our attention determines which options and opportunities we see around us (in ourselves, in relationships, at work and even for example in politics).

The training aims to make you capable of expressing outwardly how interesting you are inside. In other words, authenticity is the skill of being yourself here and now, it is the key to our charisma.

What will you learn?

The four-day practical training will increase your attention, mindfulness and concentration ability. You will find out how closely the ability to listen is connected with the art of presentation and demeanour in public. Thanks to the training aimed at attention and the ability to listen, your self-confidence – self-awareness will rapidly improve which will then allow you to develop self-management. If you practice empathy and self-awareness, one can say that you work directly on your emotional intelligence.

Our high-tech world, which provides us with a wealth of information, robs us of our ability to carefully concentrate. During the Dialogue course you are going to focus on three types of attention:

  • Attention to yourself – this means paying attention to your ideas, intuition, inner life, values. In doing so, you will improve your own ability to make decisions in your everyday life. This kind of attention can be viewed as a rudder that sets your direction.
  • Focusing on others will help you to significantly improve both personal and working relationships, the ability to lead a team and make public presentations. This attention can be compared to the crew without which you will get nowhere.
  • Attention paid to the broader context, to a larger whole, is then associated with our perception of economic, political and environmental contexts. You can imagine this attention as a map. All these types of attention are necessary for us to survive.

Through a game and the pleasure it brings you, you will be exploring your options, limits, connection to your deeper self, you will have the opportunity to discover all of your roles and masks. . In the safety of a group you will enjoy the freedom to be yourself.