Ordering Carpe Diem Self-coaching Cards - Magdalena Vokáčová

Ordering Carpe Diem Self-coaching Cards

The Carpe Diem cards reveal our inner worth, open up the path to self-awareness and teach us how to enjoy life to the fullest.



I designed the Carpe Diem cards with the desire to provide you not only with this pause but also the possibility of seeing the bigger picture. Let the cards be your friendly guide to your inner landscape. May you manage to lead a meaningful life in the spirit of “Carpe Diem”.

Magdalena Vokáčová
Creator of the Carpe Diem Cards, Coach and Trainer of Coaches


The total price includes the cost of the cards at 1250 CZK, plus postage and packaging at  70 CZK for the Czech Republic or 185 CZK for other EU countries.

Please fill in the order form and we will send you the cards within 5 working days once your payment has been credited to our bank account. Thank you very much for your patience.