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Carpe Diem Self-Coaching Cards

Self-Coaching Cards

Carpe Diem

The Carpe Diem cards open up the path to self-awareness and teach us how to enjoy life to the fullest.

The most famous of the psychologists to successfully use card readings for personality development processes is most likely C.G. Jung. However, I believe that each of us is our own best expert. We just need to pause and return to ourselves. I designed the Carpe Diem cards in order to help you to take this pause.The Carpe Diem self-coaching cards were developed over a period of eleven years. The questions they ask are the result of more than five thousand hours of discussions with my clients. As to the photos, I took them on my business trips. The quotes on the cards are like my good friends; they inspire me and I love going back to them.

I realized that a people can travel the world, climb to the peaks of mountains, dive into the depths of oceans, yet still not discover themselves or  their inner feelings. I created these cards to help serve you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and others, in making you feel compassionate towards those around you and in helping you to live meaningfully, enjoying life to the fullest – to make every day of your life truly worthwhile!

With love, Magdalena Vokáčová


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Magdalena VokáčováI designed the Carpe Diem cards with the desire to provide you not only with this pause but also the possibility of seeing the bigger picture. Let the cards be your friendly guide to your inner landscape. May you manage to lead a meaningful life in the spirit of “Carpe Diem”.

Magdalena Vokáčová
Creator of the Carpe Diem Cards, Coach and Trainer of Coaches

What will you find in the package?

  • 56 coaching cards
  • A card explaining the rules of the game
  • A special gift – a hand-written letter from the creator of the cards

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