Course - Art of Presentation ... Making Your Presentation a Work of Art - Magdalena Vokáčová

Course – Art of Presentation
… Making Your Presentation a Work of Art

Cyklus Umění prezentace …aby vaše prezentace byla uměleckým dílem…

Why is presentation an exacting discipline?

Do you sometimes feel worried about performing in public? You are not alone. Stage fright ranks among the most common of human fears but it can be prevented by specialist training. I have prepared two workshops for you that are loosely connected. You can either take part in the workshop that best fits your current needs, or attend both – one after another and complete the full training. If I perceive art as an ability or skill to clearly express my inner content, then presentation is definitely art.

Training 2: Art of Persuasion

Koán: „By practising you won’t attain perfection, but if you don’t practice, you will never attain it.”

Do you give frequent presentations and manage to captivate listeners but would like to reach the very peak of the art of public speaking? Are you interested in presenting difficult topics in a simple way? What should a presentation really contain to be sufficiently convincing? You will discover what makes you unique and exceptional as an orator and how to build on that in your verbal performance. You will learn to pass on your enthusiasm to others by employing your emotions and voice. You will become aware of at exactly which moments you are the most interesting for the audience and you will be able to utilize this to your advantage. You will be able not only to prepare a good quality presentation but you will also learn how to enjoy your own speech and captivate the attention of the audience….

You will find out what it is best to prepare for the presentation beforehand and what should only be used depending on how the situation with the audience develops. You will learn to simplify and to be apt and you will be able to reach your audience as much as possible. You will discover how to respond to tough questions from the listeners and learn how to think on your feet during an improvised speech. You will work directly with your existing presentations.

What will you learn at the workshop?

  • You will improve your presentation skills.
  • You will adjust the presentation you have already prepared and you are working on to make it even more successful.
  • You will learn how to captivate the audience and hold onto their attention.
  • You will discover how to be convincing to the audience.
  • You will find out when it is beneficial to make use of audio-visual aids and when it is not suitable.
  • You will acquire tips on how to engage the audience in your presentation.
  • You will learn how to work with the emotions and responses of listeners.
  • You will  use your own dispositions and body language to the full.
  • You will find out how to leave the best possible impression on the audience after the presentation.