About Me

My ability lies in being able to look beneath the surface. I can recognise and make unexpected associations.

About Me

Coaching is my passion

Coaching is my passion

I notice the potentials of individuals even when they themselves are not aware of them. I am a receptive observer, able to precisely identify situations. In my work I integrate art and personal development. I enjoy connecting the seemingly unconnected – spirituality, humour, beauty, provocation and luxury.

I will be happy to help you discover your possibilities and yourself during
a personal coaching session or at one of my workshops.

In my pursuit of knowledge and an understanding of the world around me I have toured more than sixty countries only to discover that to find real education I must journey into myself  🙂

My Education & Qualifications

Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts
Coaching courses, training sessions, therapeutic workshops (CR, UK, D, USA, BRA)

Methods: dialogue interaction, psychological coaching, drama therapy, psycho drama, body therapy, transaction analysis, systematic communication, constellation, art therapy, shamanic techniques and rituals

Art workshops and seminars (CR, USA, UK, D, BRA)

Methods: theatrical improvisation, Stanislavski method of acting, Cechov method of acting, Theatre of the Oppressed, theatrical mask techniques, script writing, story telling, creative writing

Twelve years of working for corporations

E.g. Hewlett-Packard, Panasonic, Nestlé, ExxonMobil, Delvita, Danone, Česká spořitelna, Slovenská spořitelna, Raiffeisenbank, GE Money Bank, Česká pojišťovna, KPMG, Esselte, T-Mobile, Telefonica O2, Somfy

“Once a man already is, he should try to be. And once he is trying to be and he is, he should then be what he is and not what he is not, as often tends to be the case.”
Jan Werich


She can hold a client’s attention and ask thought-provoking questions, she reassures and leads, she gives support and encouragement, she guides you towards reflection and self-recognition, she motivates you to improve and she will teach you how to develop a detached view and even make you laugh …
Magdalena is one of those people who find coaching to be their second nature. She enhances her techniques with playfulness and sensitivity. Magdalena keeps working on herself and searches for additional inspiration, which she passes on with great enthusiasm. The authentic interest and joy encapsulated in her unrepeatable meetings create a work of art of a special kind. These are the reasons why I most definitely recommend her as a coach.
Coaching with Magdalena has radically changed my life. It has helped me to “dig out” my talent from the most inner parts of myself and discover who I really am. I have found the courage and motivation to go after my dream in life, my calling, …

Reference of John Whitmore

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I recommend Magdalena as a coach with great theoretical erudition, experience, perfect preparation and with a huge amount of empathy and genuine interest in the client as a person.

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