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Are You Fighting a Battle, which Nobody Is Winning? Then Give Up!

“It’s not true,” said Klára, “that proper scrambled eggs need a bit of sour cream to stay smooth. But you got narked because it’s your turn to cook.” Klára raised her voice.“That’s not true at all. Can you hear yourself? Can you hear what you’re saying? All I said was I don’t mind adding cream […]

Have you Caught It yet? A Virus Infecting Relationships Is Spreading…

“And is there anything wrong with me wanting my husband to change a bit?” “What do you mean – change”, I asked the weeping Jindřiška, who sank into a large armchair next to me. “Well, I want him to be nicer, more attentive and also to talk to me more. I want to know what […]

Don’t Think, Just Do It!

My American friend didn’t understand the Czech word “řešit”, which means to solve! “I don’t get it – in Bohemia people sit around in pubs and everybody is “solving” something. Girls are “solving” the problem of their diets while eating cream cakes. Boys are “solving” political issues as they drink one beer after another. Mums […]

Five Tips on How to Buy Presents for Those Who Already Have Everything!

Do you, like me, get wound up by your friends, who from as early as October keep asking you how many Christmas presents you’ve already bought? By shopkeepers who from the first of November 1 start switching on alluring lights which like a will-o’-the-wisp will entice you into running up exorbitant shopping bills? Don’t panic! […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Not Being a Star – Being Average Is Cool too!

Don’t Be Afraid of Not Being a Star – Being Average Is Cool too! Are you fed up with all those guides to having a perfect happy life? All the well-meaning advice on how to be more efficient, faster, more successful, richer, to simply be different and better than you are now? I believe that […]

My Amicable Break-up

My Amicable Break-up Can you be with somebody for 20 years, love him and then just peacefully split up? Is it possible to spend twenty wonderful years together and then find yourself going in separate directions? And what will the children say about it? Should one stay in a relationship because of the children? This […]

Don’t Force Yourself into Anything

Not many people would believe the reason why I originally went to study drama. I love life and I adore literature. It seemed to me that dramatic art somewhat connected the two, so I could live different lives on stage and at the same time work with intelligent texts. I’ve always enjoyed singing, dancing, drawing […]

Training – Art of Living Coaching II – Completion

On Friday June 27, 2014 Magdalena Vokáčová concluded the training and presented certificates to twenty-two new coaches. Thank you and lots of luck in working with your clients! The training in Art of Living Coaching takes 12 days, during which the future coaches can look forward to 84 hours of practical work, theory and various […]

Recipe for Crying

Since I sincerely encourage you guys to cry, since I teach you to cry, I’ll tell you why and how I cry. Because once I get going, I cry at full throttle, I cry so much that the expression “sob your heart out” becomes literarily true. Once I start crying, I most often cry for […]


I don’t like it when somebody tries to pose as a guru. I don’t like the communications of gurus, I am not keen on their pretence that they have understood something and are now conveying it to those of lesser understanding. I have never clung to idols. Through my work I’ve had a chance to […]

Magic of the Present Time

Why do we act like lunatics and keep climbing, crawling, trudging, slogging and trekking up high hills? We yearn to see the view from the top, a perspective. We want to observe that funny plodding we go through from somewhere else. We view our lives through the “eye of God”, the one who can see […]

Life like a Lego Set

Most of us tend to look at challenges and crossroads, which life has set out for us, as piles of scattered Lego bricks, with no building instructions available. A chaos of colours, options, combinations… If you sit above a mound of real Lego bricks, it won’t cross your mind that without any instructions at your […]

Back at Home

After a month in Africa I realise far more intensely than before how our gatherings, meetings or briefings reflect an artificial world, built on the vast abundance and opulence of our culture. Together we play games of importance, detached from the present day. All these – I must do this, I can’t or won’t make […]

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