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Course – Art of Presentation
… Making Your Presentation a Work of Art

Cyklus Umění prezentace …aby vaše prezentace byla uměleckým dílem…

Why is presentation an exacting discipline?

Do you sometimes feel worried about performing in public? You are not alone. Stage fright ranks among the most common of human fears but it can be prevented by specialist training. I have prepared two workshops for you that are loosely connected. You can either take part in the workshop that best fits your current needs, or attend both – one after another and complete the full training. If I perceive art as an ability or skill to clearly express my inner content, then presentation is definitely art.

Training 1: Presentation Literacy

,,The Poet is Born, the Orator is Made.“ An Ancient Saying

Do you admire world-renowned orators, but find that you yourself cannot act naturally in front of an audience?

Are you not exactly sure how to prepare your performance in a way that it is also enjoyable for yourself?

Then you should take this Presentation Literacy training that I have put together. We will focus mainly on the use of body language and voice as well as the inclusion of the stage energy often employed in theatre techniques. In essence, you will get going and make your speech to the point with the necessary strength, which will make your presentation nice and clear. You will learn how to get ready for a public appearance, how to connect with the audience, and keep the communication going throughout your performance.

This course is the bare minimum for everyone who needs to perform/speak in front of people. The workshop also includes video training allowing you to gain valuable feedback. Captivating the audience and holding its attention is the very foundation of success. You may be an outstanding expert, but if you are unable to connect with the audience, you will find it very difficult to present your work to others.

What will you learn at the workshop?

  • To introduce yourself to others in a way that they will remember you.
  • You will acquire specific tips on how to manage stage fright.
  • You will find out how to begin in front of an audience, how to create a good impression and gain authority and respect.
  • You will be able to prepare and structure the presentation in a way that it will also be enjoyable for yourself.
  • You will gain feedback relating to your presentation.
  • You will practice body language.
  • You will acquire tips for working on your voice.
  • You will get inspiration for interaction with the audience.
  • You will learn how to deal with difficult situations during the presentation.