Creative Writing Workshop

MDo you enjoy writing? Would you like to improve in it? Are you interested in knowing how to get started and where to find inspiration? Have you ever needed to write a text and been unable to find the right words? Are you creative? Would you like to start writing and haven’t yet plucked up courage? Do you yearn to express yourself and at the same time do it professionally? Do you want to write blogs or promotional texts and are you wondering how to captivate your readers?

Then you should definitely take advantage of the three-hour early evening workshop of Creative Writing.

New date of the workshop will be announced soon.

What will the workshop teach you?

How to write your own blog, articles, texts and promotional materials.
How to word the headlines of texts and subjects of e-mails to catch the attention of readers.
How to find inspiration even when you get stuck and can’t think of a single word.
What the difference is between writing for the internet and for printed media.

In addition to practical information, you will also write, create and find enjoyment in doing so, while inspiring and encouraging one another. You will try your hand at writing short texts, working with blog headlines and business texts and you will learn how to write them as appealingly as possible.