Coaching Training - Coaching as an Art - Magdalena Vokáčová

Coaching Training – Coaching as an Art


This integrated training presents coaching methods and techniques from all significant area

Word did not find any entries for your table of contents.: psychological coaching, NLP, executive coaching, systemic questioning and body-centred coaching.

This interactive teaching method uses practical examples, exercises, group dynamics as well as theoretical sections enabling you to set off on your journey as a coach in a confident and steadfast manner.

The course aims to provide those interested in coaching with a transformation programme thanks to which they will gain high-quality know-how in the field of coaching. By looking into yourselves you will transform that which surrounds you.


  • Coaching process training and feedback on your work as a coach
  • Practical tips on how to begin your career as a coach and how to successfully build up your clientele
  • Self-coaching oriented tools and techniques
  • Experiential methods in coaching – engaging the whole body and voice; fine art techniques
  • Dialogue culture in coaching (questioning, listening, awareness)
  • Individual and team work

When should you participate in a coaching course?

  • If you want to become a professional coach.
  • If you choose the path of personal sustainable development as your lifestyle.
  • If you want to develop coaching as a management style (in the family, at work or your personal life).

Why should you choose this coaching course?

  • Supervision training by MgA. Magdalena Vokacova, the author of Self-coaching Cards and the textbook – The Forbidden Book of Coaching
  • At least 2 professional teachers – instructors, allowing for a wide diversity of the methodology taught
  • Practical training in the form of interactive exercises in pairs or groups of three
  • Action-oriented techniques – acting, whole body and voice involvement


Training Supervisor – Magdalena Vokacova – ICF Certified Coach in 2013 – 2017
The 12-day transformation training spread over 9 months (full-time study) plus distance self-learning – reading, self-coaching questionnaires and practical coaching drills will provide you with the practical and theoretical preparation needed for working as a coach.

In 2017 Magdalena Vokacova’s Coaching as an Art training received accreditation from The Czech Association of Coaches as the educational programme for professional coaches. The accreditation conditions are listed at In addition, the course has also been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.