Can you be with somebody for 20 years, love him and then just peacefully split up? Is it possible to spend twenty wonderful years together and then find yourself going in separate directions? And what will the children say about it? Should one stay in a relationship because of the children?

This time I’m going to share my own life story with you. A tale full of love, romance but also hardships, trials and tribulations. I met my husband when I was sixteen. It was true love at first sight … We were very different from each other and that was what inspired us, drove us, pushed us … We were learning from each other.

And then it happened! We both matured inside and went our separate ways.
That mutual turbulent development has brought both of us to different places. It wasn’t our interests that changed – it was a differing view of life values. The value in anything I do is derived from the fact that it must have a purpose. The second highest value of mine is placed on relationships and the third is sincerity. There are always many problems in a relationship and most of them can be successfully dealt with. But if your values diverge, it’s possible to stay together only at the cost of immense compromises. At the cost of the sacrificing of beliefs by one or the other one. I’ve been watching the process of us growing apart for two years. Anyone who has lived through such an experience knows only too well that it isn’t easy. However, if there is mutual esteem and love, making it possible to respect the freedom of the other one on his own chosen path, even a situation as painful as this can be coped with.

After twenty years me and my husband have split up. We split up in dignified manner after a mutual agreement. It was also partially due to my programme – Art of Relationships. Working on this programme I grew to realise who I was, what I needed and what partner I wanted. The purpose of this programme is to inspire us to live in a real relationship at the full.

I want to help you too. I firmly believe that the greatest art isn’t holding onto the relationship at any costs. The real art is to build relationships which have a sense of purpose.


I hope we all succeed,

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