Do you, like me, get wound up by your friends, who from as early as October keep asking you how many Christmas presents you’ve already bought? By shopkeepers who from the first of November 1 start switching on alluring lights which like a will-o’-the-wisp will entice you into running up exorbitant shopping bills? Don’t panic! There is still more than a fortnight left before Christmas. Buying presents is actually quite easy.

Others like talking about which items of theirs got broken, what they’ve run out of, what they love, what they would like to buy, but haven’t for some mysterious reasons … Since there are lots of these things, write them down in your diary during the year. This advice has come a little too late, but don’t despair. There will be enough opportunities in 2015 – name days, birthdays etc. of family members and friends. And by the way, next Christmas will be upon us before you know it.

Try to remember what you got from whom. Most people buy others gifts which they themselves would like to get. Why not try buying the others something they’d consider a good present for you.

… about not having enough time or the money to spend on choosing presents. The real value of the gift isn’t its price but the emotional involvement. If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as you’d like, make a conscious limit for yourself. For example set yourself the task of finding a present under 200 crowns or choose a gift which reminds him or her of a nice time you shared together.

… is by far the craziest form of excuse. None of us, unless we have been enlightened, have enough love, peace and quiet. Why don’t you give your friend or family member a voucher for a massage, which you will perform yourself, or as a kind of present offer to look after their kids for them. Choose a little thing which will amuse others or incite them to contemplation. Don’t burn a hole in your pocket – get your brain and heart working! The best present for my friend’s husband was when she gave him a family-free weekend. My friend’s got 4 children – two of them being new born twins.

The moment when one sits down to sincerely think of what they’d like to get for Christmas is quite an interesting self-coaching exercise. Make your partner a nice cup of tea, light a candle and bring him or her an empty sheet of a paper and a well-sharpened pencil. You will see for yourselves. The first present from you will be the chance to meditate about himself – herself :).

Give presents only to people who you really want to. To hell with conventions. A present represents a way of expressing your love to that particular person. Let’s look at the other meaning of the word present – here. With a gift we express to others that they are here in our heart.

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