Most of us tend to look at challenges and crossroads, which life has set out for us, as piles of scattered Lego bricks, with no building instructions available. A chaos of colours, options, combinations… If you sit above a mound of real Lego bricks, it won’t cross your mind that without any instructions at your fingertips you should put all the parts together straight away. It won’t occur to you to force yourselves into immediate action. You understand you must have patience to assemble one piece after another to finally create a fire engine or rocket.

Very often we can’t use this logical process, so well understood in Lego building, in our real lives. Mostly we behave just the opposite. We chaotically rummage through a pile of bricks of ill-assorted colours, for a while we focus on this and then on something else. We do everything and nothing, frustrated in advance by the unbelievable scale of combinations.

Maybe you’ll object – yeah, but we can get instructions for Lego. How and where can we get instructions for life? Nobody will give me those! And you’ll be right. Indeed nobody will give you a life manual; it is only you who can create a manual for your own life.

To help you on your way to your manual, there are several functional methods. I personally rely on two: coaching and theatrical improvisation. Coaching helps us to unearth our internal and external resources, to specify exactly what we want from life, which things we should support in ourselves and what to leave out. Step by step – brick by brick – coaching helps to build the foundations of our work and relationships or gives our lives some shape. Theatrical improvisation gradually builds up our courage to do something, try new things, get to know ourselves and build awareness of ourselves or self-confidence.

So I wish us all to be patient in studying our internal manual and being able to assemble the chaotic pile of attractive pieces of our life into a meaningful unit!

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